New York Vacations

Sophisticated holidays start in the city of New York. Here the discerning holiday maker will have all they could desire from a holiday. The city of New York is a great place to come. There is so much to see while you are here. From the musicals of Broadway to ice skating at the Rockefeller park. New York vacations have it all.

You could plan to have the first phase of your New York vacations begin at Ellis Island. This is the place where immigrants used to enter when they wanted to live in America. Ellis Island is also the home of the Liberty Lady or as she is called the Statue of Liberty.

When you finish on Ellis Island, head back to mainland New York City. In Fifth Avenue you can shop at world famous department stores like Nimen Marcus, at Bloomingdale’s and at other such designer department stores. You might like to take a yellow taxi ride back to your hotel. The yellow taxis are a part of New York vacations that you just don’t want to miss as they have a personality that is uniquely New York.

For your nighttime entertainment you can see a musical at Broadway. This is the most famous place for live musicals. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous “Cats” was shown at Broadway as well as other famous musicals, plays and others.

There is one place that you may not want to go for your New York vacations and that is Central Park. I suppose that you could take a horse carriage ride around New York. This is an old fashioned way of traveling yet at the same time refreshing as you see New York in all of its natural beauty.

After your horse carriage ride you can do some skating or listen to great music at the Rockefeller center. Then one of the must see sights in New York vacations is that of the Empire State building. At the top of the building you can see the whole of the city spread out beneath your sight.

The final place that we will visit is that of Ground Zero. Here there is a monument to those people who died in the terrorist attack of the then world trade centers. Ground Zero in many ways still looks like it did after the attack but it is silent today. After you pay your respects to the dead you can head back to your hotel. Enjoy a delicious meal and get ready to head back home. Your New York vacation is at an end. However as New York is still waiting, you can plan to come back for more New York vacations.