Southwest Vacations

Itís that time of year again. Summerís rolling in and you canít wait to start your vacation. In anticipation youíve already decided where you want to go for your precious few vacation days. Youíre heading over to the great southwest to get a different taste to the cool northern life that you lead. Youíre going to have some great southwest vacations experiences to beat all other vacation experiences.

You pack your skimpiest outfits in the hopes that there will be no rain to mar your vacation, and add a bikini or two along with a few wraps, a big floppy hat, your sunglasses, and a big bottle of suntan lotion. Youíre all set to try out your southwest vacations plans.

Your hotels are all booked in advance so you have no problems over that one, and you get in your car and head on over to the airport where you meet up with a bunch of your friends who are going to share this southwest vacations experience with you.

When your plane finally lands after what seems like a very long time, but was in reality very short, you impatiently rush through the airport and head on over to your hotel. While booking in you make certain that the many travel plans that you had put into motion for your southwest vacations before you left home, are still running smoothly. Assured that they are you go looking around with that big tourist look on your face. You buy a few knick knacks, but since thereís more to come you keep a tight hand on your wallet.

There are many places that you can go and see for your southwest vacations experience and having agreed amongst yourselves, you had all decided to do the whole of the experience without leaving a single thing out. So you decided to first keep a few days to explore the Grand Canyon. This is something that youíve been wanting to do for a long time.

You donít go the whole distance but you get in sufficient amounts to see why the Grand Canyon is called ďgrandĒ. The sheer immensity and majesty of it awes and overwhelms you. Next on your southwest vacations tour you head across to Sedona, and after that you go on to do a bit of white water rafting on the Colorado River.

You try everything and leave nothing out of your southwest vacations experience. And although you promised yourselves that you would miss out on nothing time is necessarily short and you donít get in some of the other places that you should see. So you leave with the thought that with the vastness of the southwest at your disposal you can come again and again for many more enjoyable southwest vacations.