Special Vacation

Every once in a while we want to go some place special. With so many places to go on a vacation where to go for that special vacation is something that we need to think about. Instead of going to a far away country for your special vacation, you choose to go somewhere that is close to home. A place that has great hotel rooms, futuristic transport right at your door and a magical kingdom to visit.

Thatís right you can choose to go to Disneyland for your special vacation. The hotels here at Disneyland are spacious and mirror the magical atmosphere of Disneyland. The monorail which encircles the whole of Disneyland also stops at the hotel so you will have no problems arriving and leaving Disneyland.

Having entered Disneyland you need to decide where will you go for your first special vacation ride. There are the various theme countries that are all crying out for you to visit. There is also a range of rides that you can go on. From quite placid rides like a merry go round to the haunted house. From old fashioned rides like roller coasters to the futuristic rides like Star Wars.

Besides the many rides one special memory that you need to capture for your special vacation is that of a loved one with one of the many Disney characters that are walking about Disneyland. You must also plan on buying some souvenirs from the many Disneyland gift shops. A must buy item for your special vacation is that of a Mickey Mouse hat with its mouse ears showing on each side of your head.

You can now head back to the hotel for a break from all the excitement and for some lunch. You can come back in the night and see the special Disneyland electric nighttime parade. This parade features all of the usual parade features like the Disneyland band playing various Disney theme music. We will also see our favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy and others walking by and happily waving to all of us.

As it becomes night time the whole parade is lit up with lots of electric lights on the costumes of the Disney characters. As you can see coming to Disneyland for a special vacation is a great idea because there is so many things that you can do to make your special vacation even more special. So close your eyes and wish that your special vacation will go on for a little while longer.