Summer Vacation Spots

For our summer vacation we will first travel to my favorite place that is Egypt. While we are here I think that we should go on a river cruise on the Nile River first. Then later at the end of Egyptian summer vacation we should go to Sharm El Sheik for summer beach fun. From here we can travel to Greece. This ancient country is filled with mystery and lots of places to explore which makes it perfect for our summer vacation spots.

Hang on to your hats because we are about to begin our tour of a few summer vacation spots. As I said our first stop will be Egypt. Here we will see the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings. This is the place where the Egyptian pharaohs were buried. After we explore this valley to our heartís content we will visit the Cairo Museum to see the various Egyptian artifacts that were discovered.

Our next summer vacation spots we will see from our Nile River cruise. As we float up the river we will see Thebes, Luxor, Aswan, and Edfu amongst others too numerous to name. We will also pass by the many magnificent pyramids which were the last earthly resting place of the great pharaohs. After visiting as many sights as we can and having shopped to our heartís content, we will hop over to the next of our summer vacation spots.

This stop will be in Greece. Here we can sample some delicious Greek food and try the intoxicating Greek wine. After a small rest its time for us to visit Delphi the home of the ancient Greek oracle. Here an ancient priestess would see the future and tell what plans the Gods and Goddesses had for the people. Next we will explore the many ruins that seem to be found all over Greece. You can head to Athens to see how the modern world and the ancient one have meshed. Then take an airplane and head towards our other summer vacation spots. First we will go towards the Maldives islands.

These chains of islands are in the shape of a necklace. All of these islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters. At one the resort island we will rent our private cabana and relax while we take in the peaceful surroundings. After a great meal we can dive into the stunningly clear blue waters and explore the ocean around us. We will see many beautiful tropical fish swimming around. Every so often you can be thrilled by the sight of sharks lazily swimming past us.

Oops our time is up and itís time that we headed back home. By the time we reach our homes I am sure that you will have a few ideas of where you want to go for some great summer vacation spots. So when you arrive donít waste time, start your tour of the summer vacation spots soon.